Pole Sport Technical Committee

Olga Strom (Czech Republic):

Olga, before joining our team, was a member of numerous organizations and internationals and nationals Pole Sport federations.She has More than 6 year experience with pole dance and pole sport;
• Organizing of national and international championships
• Certified international judge – since 2013
• Experience with judging of the big international competitions
• People management (up to 25 people), including management of multinationals teams;
• Founder and President of the Czech pole & aerial sports federation (since 2011)
• Organizer of the Czech pole sport championship (since 2012)
• Organizer of the:
• POLE DANCE championship 2016
• Battle of the pole 2015
• Pole Emotions 2014
• Certified international judge – since 2013
• Judge:
• International Pole Championship – IPDFA (2013, 2015)
• Final Pole Dance Battle 2015 (Belarus, November 2015)
• World Pole Sports Championships – IPSF (2013, 2014)
• German pole sport championship (Germany, 2014)
• Pole Dance CUP – International Pole Dance Competition (Poland, 2013)
• Miss & Mister Pole Dance Austria (Austria, 2013)
• Miss Pole Dance Elite – International Championship (Russia, 2013)
• Belorussian Championship in Pole Dance and Pole Sport. Head judge (Belarus, 2013)
• Open Cup Republic of Belarus – Pole Dance and Pole Sport (Belarus, 2012)
• Spanish Pole Sport Championship (Spain, 2012)
• Czech-Slovak Pole Dance Championship (Slovakia, 2011)



Keem Martinez (France):

Keem studied at the national conservatory of dance at Avignon and in the junior ballet the he worked as a professional dancer in a few dance company till he start to do pole dance in 2006 then he started to do competion and he won the French Competition of Pole Dance in 2008 and also in 2014 and the World Pole Sport and Fitness in 2012, now Keem is working as a coach and choreographer.



Alessandra Marchetti (Italy):

2011-2012-2013 Italian Champion;

2011- 3rd place and “Best Acrobatic” prize, in the European Pole Sport Champioship (Moscow);

2011- 5th place in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship (Budapest);

2012- Finalist in IPC (Hong Kong);

2012- “Best Execution” prize in Aerial Pole International (Bern);

2012- 2nd place, Vice World Champion, in World Pole Sport Champioship (London);

2012- 1st place, European Champion, in European Pole Sport Championship (Rome);

2013- 1st place, World Champion, in World Pole Sport Championship (London);

2013- Finalist in the last “Pole Art” (Helsinki);

2013- Finalist in IPC (Singapur);



Vanessa Costa (Brazil):

President of Brazilian Pole Dance Federation
President of Rio de Janeiro Pole Dance Association.
Director of the training school for pole athletes Ultra Modern Dance.

Vanessa is a classical ballet dancer graduated at Rio de Janeiro State School, and has a bachelor and master’s degree in Social Science at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
Constantly requested to act on the international scenario, especially at Europe, Asia and Latin America. The major events that Vanessa have already participated as a judge were:

– British Isles Championship 2010 in Essex, UK;
– World Pole Dance 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland;
– the Italian Pole Dance Championship in 2010 and 2011, organized by the Italian Pole Dance Federation;
– International Pole Championship (IPC) in Tokyo, Japan in 2010;
– World Pole Dance 2011 in Budapest, Hungary;
– Chilean Pole Dance Championship in Santiago, Chile in 2013;
– Elevate Latin-American Pole Dance Championship in Santiago, Chile in 2014;
– CopaPole South America in Colombia, 2014;
– World Pole Dance 2014 in London, UK;

Responsible for teach training courses in Brazil and other countries in South America, Vanessa has developed a very high level and demanding professional training to form pole professionals. Her methods and skills are praised in South America and she is recognized as one of the top instructors in the continent, and has obtained excellent results of the Brazilian and South American athletes in international competitions.

A pioneer in the creation of the book of rules, arbitration code and referee training course, Vanessa started to set new guidelines for pole in Brazil and the world. Responsible for bringing internationally recognized athletes to give lectures and workshops in Brazil and including their inputs and suggestions on how and what to be judged, Vanessa made a code which is always a work in progress, but is also always reflecting what the athletes want. For that reason, Vanessa is recognized worldwide for her efforts to solidifying the pole as a sport activity and for ensuring fair and high level judgement in her competitions. Vanessa is the organizer of the Pole World Cup, the only world international pole competition held in Brazil, as well the Pole Pan-American Championships and the National Brazilian Championships. The events Vanessa has organized include:

– National Brazilian Pole Dance Championship, 2010
– I Pole World Cup, 2011
– National Brazilian Pole Dance Championship, 2011
– II Pole World Cup, 2012
– National Brazilian Pole Dance Championship, 2012
– I Pole Panamerican Championships, 2013
– National Brazilian Pole Dance Championship, 2013
– III Pole World Cup, 2014
– National Brazilian Pole Dance Championship, 2014
– II Pole Panamerican Championships, 2015
– National Brazilian Pole Dance Championship, 2015
– IV Pole World Cup, 2016

Since 2013 Vanessa has been developing a partnership with the Arnold Sports Classic Organization, aiming to put Pole in the mainstream media. After the successful events Vanessa ran in Brazil, bringing over 150 pole athletes from 30 different countries, the Arnold Organization decided to include Pole championships/presentations in all other editions in the world, like Spain, USA, South Africa and Australia. Mostly recently Vanessa created and directed a special presentation for Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who not only gave compliments to the presentation, but was impressed with the display of strength, flexibility and fitness the athletes showed.

Clipe Vanessa Costa-133


Martina Bucher (SWITZERLAND):

3rd place Miss Pole Dance Globe 2015
2nd place at the Swiss Pole Sport Championships 2015
9th place at the lll Pole World Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2014
3rd place at the Swiss Pole Dance Championship 2014
2nd place at the European Pole Sport Championship 2013
3rd place at the Slovakian Open Championship 2013
4th place at the International Australian Pole Fitness Championships 2013
14th place at the 2 World Pole Cup 2012
Winner of the Critics Award in the finals of the European Pole Sport Championships 2012

Martina Bucher started her sportive career with artistic gymnastics, where she back then already did competitions. After a long sport break, she found out about Pole Fitness in the end of 2010. She fell in love with this discipline as she tried her very first trick.
After one course and three month of intense training she got invited to compete in April 2011 for her first competition where she won the 2.place and the „best choreography“ award. This set the foundation stone for the next competitions and her Studio „Pole Acrobatics Studio“ wich opend January 2012 in Switzerland.
Martina Bucher took part at the „Miss Polefitness Switzerland 2012“ where she got 3.place and won the „best tricks“ award. During that summer she got invited to take part at the „ World Pole Sport Championships London 2012“. Then she traveled to Rome for the „European Pole Sport Championships 2012“ where she received at the final the „Critics Award“.

In November 2012 followed the „2 World Pole Cup 2012“ in Rio de Janeiro where she got 14. place.
In May this year she traveled to one of the foundation countrys of the pole sport: Australia! There she won the the 4th place at the „ International Australian Pole Fitness Championships 2013“. Shortly after, in June, she won the 3. place at the Slovakian Open Championship 2013.
When she travelled to Praha in september she won 2. place at the European Pole Sport Championship 2013.
She opened a second studio in October 2013 and got 9th place in the lllPole World Cup in Rio de Janeiro 2014.
2015 she got in her 4th year of pole an qualified through her 2nd place winning at the Swiss Pole Sport Championship 2015 for the World Pole Sport Championships in London.
But before London there has been the Miss Pole Dance globe 2015 witch she finished with 3rd place.