Official Certified Trainers

Ana Looser is a Swiss citizen with Romanian roots and the owner and founder Pole Fitness & Sports Romania. Looser is also the author of the Pole Sports Teacher Training manual, a certified Pole Sports Organization Judge, a member of the Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports, and a certified Pole Fitness Instructor in Pole Sports Education.

Davide Lacagnina is a seven-time Italian Aerobics Champion, a FISAC- IPSF Head Judge, an International IPSAF Head Judge, a Master Trainer for the IPSAF-FISAC, and the president of the International Pole Sports & Arts Federation.

Alessandra Marchetti is the IPSF World Pole Sport 2013 Champion, the Manager of National Pole Sport FISAC, an International IPSAF Head Judge, and a Master Trainer for the IPSA-FISAC.

Silvia Bignoni has been teaching pole sports and pole dance since 2010. Silvia obtained her certification at Pole Fitness Studio in Miami and continued her professional development in Paris. She has been International IPSF Judge during 3 years and judged several international competitions over the world. She is master trainer since 2013.

Christiana Bembo

Summer Vyne  – is currently the President of the US Pole Sports Federation and Vice President of the IPSAF. Summer also owns a family of studios in the USA called Bittersweet Studios.

Ashley Wiggins – currently the President of the Canadian Pole Sports & Art Federation and owner of Brass Monkey Aerial Training Centre.