World Pole Art Championships




Qualification Criteria:

Elite category athletes must qualify for the World Pole Art Championship Grand Final by competing in one of the Pole Art competitions in the IPSAF circuit.

They must place in the top three of their category.

  • The top three in each Elite category will qualify for the semi-finals, the Polestars Competition, which will take place in Italy in 2018
  • The top ten in each Elite category in the Polestars Competition (plus 2 alternates) will qualify for the World Pole Art Championship Grand Final

If an athlete places in the top three in more than one IPSAF Pole Art competition, the fourth place competitor would also qualify for the Polestars Competition. For example, if an athlete wins Pole Art Swiss and he or she also wins Pole Art France, the second, third, and fourth place athletes in Pole Art France would qualify for the Polestars Competition.

All athletes have the chance to qualify for the semifinals in Prague and the Grand Final in Turin from April 2016 until November 2016.

All athletes qualified for the semi-finals must confirm their participation in the Polestars Competition by the 20th of December 2016. Qualified athletes who will not take part in the semi-finals, or those who do not communicate their participation by the 20th of December, will be replaced by athletes in the descending ranking of the competition in which they participated.

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2018 Qualifying Pole Art Competition Series:

  • Pole Art America on March 24th 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States

The number of competitions connected with IPSAF Pole Arts could increase; therefore, this list is subject to change.

World Pole Art Semifinals :

Coming Soon!